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Photographers, videographers, do you want to live your passion by increasing your earnings at the end of the month? Join us, become a member of Clikeyes community. Clikeyes provides you with missions close to you, frees you from administrative constraints, it pays directly, without delay, the payment on your account.
Exchanging and sharing with Clikeyes community gives you inspiration and a new network.





Being a photographer, videographer, member of Clikeyes community is synonymous with freedom, autonomy and independence. That is to say, you are your own boss; you can work near you, choose your schedules, and enjoy another professional lifestyle, without feeling isolated. Missions are recurring because customers constantly need photo / video shootings.

You do not like the routine, you like to advise your client, you have the taste to share your experience with the other photographers of Clikeyes community, so this job is for you.

The customers for whom you shoot are often known and prestigious, naturally you benefit from their notoriety, and you enrich your professional references, your portfolio and your customer contact experience. Join us; boost your income by making you happy.

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How it works ?

You receive an sms
with the information of the customer and the shooting

You will meet at the place of the shooting and photograph / film the restaurant, the apartment, the activity...

...You upload the photos / videos on our platform. We take care of the rest; you just have to wait for the transfer to your account.

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